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We gain the trust and satisfaction of patients and customers by providing them products of documented quality, available to the widest possible extent.
Priority of “UNIA” Pharmaceutical Plant Co-op is manufacturing products of the highest quality in accordance with legal requirements as well as creating the best development conditions of the company. Qualified employees monitor compliance with GMP requirements and put their best endeavours so that the products could have the highest possible quality, effectiveness and safety.
In our business activity, these are our priorities:
• Patients, doctors and clients can trust in the quality, effectiveness and safety of our products,
• Getting to know and satisfying the needs of our patients, doctors and clients,
• Shaping awareness and responsibility for the product quality among all employees of “UNIA” Pharmaceutical Plant Co-op,
• Creating image of “UNIA” Pharmaceutical Plant Co-op as an enduring, responsible and development-oriented partner within the scope of offered and executed services,
• Perceiving our trademark as a guarantee of the highest quality,
• Always meeting the legal requirements in every aspect of our business.
Above objectives are achieved through:
• Professional team aware of the company’s objectives,
• Continuous improvement of Quality Management System in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice and the Pharmaceutical Law,
• Continuous monitoring processes of improving implemented Quality Management System.
• Increasing employees’ awareness within the scope of implemented Quality Management System.
Our quality policy was established by “UNIA” Pharmaceutical Plant Co-op management, which guarantees comprehensive understanding and compliant implementation.
Warsaw, 16.07.2018

                                                                                                 General Director, President of the Board
                                                                                                      “UNIA” Pharmaceutical Plant Co-op